We went to Herman Miller REACH

  • Monday August 8th, 2016

On August 4 (Thursday), Herman Miller REACH 2016 was held at the Conrad Hotel Tokyo.

REACH is a festival where you can experience the design innovation of Herman Miller. This year, its travel destinations were Beijing, Manila, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Melbourne. It brings together the design community of the Asia Pacific Ocean region to share and learn from each other.

A theme in 2016 has been, “workplace strategy and design that affect business”. Herman Miller and their partner companies have unveiled a presentation regarding this.

Since Gregory Lyon was at the festival, we can show you some of what we saw that day!



In order to increase engagement and productivity at work, “Exclave” has been designed. It includes applications such as white boards, pin boards, and technology/video conference support that hang up on modular rails. Exclave enables workers to become more creative thinkers and perform at a higher level when collaborating.

The Keyn Chair Group (designed by London-based design company forpeople) are office chairs that offer comfort and responsive movement.


Living Office is a high performing workplace that improves the productivity of office workers, which helps companies reach their goals.

Indeed, it was a day full of ideas that are the driving force of Herman Miller design. When designing a work space based on the purpose and personality of the people who work there (as opposed to merely using general concepts), the creativity of a worker can be brought out to the maximum!

Gregory Lyon is an official dealer partner of Herman Miller, which means you can always expect us to provide a comfortable office environment.

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